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Welcome to Paradise Payment Nigeria

You'll be amazed at the amount of exposure your website and your social media pages will receive and you'll feel secure knowing that the visitors you see coming to your site day after day are REAL people!

What we offer?

Traffic Exchange

You can surf to earn credits and use credits to display your website.

Social Media Exchange

You can subscribe to Youtube Chanels, Watch Youtube Videos, Like Youtube Videos and follow Instagram users in order to earn credits, which you can use to promote your own Youtube/Instagram links.

Downline Mailer

You can email your downlines 5 levels deep once a week.

Team Builder

You can promote your own links to your downlines.

Banner and Text Ads

You can get banner and text ads credits on purchase of Ad Packs and you can earn money for selling those ad packs.

Buy Solo Ad

We are offering 2 spots for solo ads in a month where you can buy a solo ad and it will be mailed to entire membership. You’ll will get ad credits if you click on those links.

You truly are our most valued asset. We treat every customer with the type of service anyone deserves. We are here to help you in your website and business promotion.

How to Make Money using PPN?

Paradise Payment Nigeria (PPN) is platform developed by rich minded people to provide advertising services and create legitimate means of generating wealth for everyone. PPN is strictly a member to member payment platform whereby members make direct payment to another member without including any third party and on every purchase you will be getting Ad Credits to promote your business.

It is highly important to tell people around you about this golden opportunity and more so referring people will boost your position and reputation within the community. People who refer other users will also get paid from there efforts.

Best Practice to Get Paid

Ensure you already have the money using which you can purchase ad packs. (You can start with N1,500, N3,000 or N10,000).

Click on Join now from the top Menu of the website and filled the required fields.

Submit the form. Login to you member area by clicking on Login from top Menu.

From your Members Area, click on 'Payment Info' from the 'Settings Menu'.

Fill in your bank details and click submit. (This is very important)

To Purchase Ad Pack, click on 'Purchase Menu' from the Member Area and then 'Buy Ad Pack!'

Select the Ad Pack you wish to start with and click Purchase

Now click on pending payment to find information of the member you are to paid to.

Contact the person and make payment to his account within 1 working day (if not weekend)

Once the person approved your payment to his account, you will become a Pro Member and get Advertising Credits and now you can refer others and earn from it.